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Do you love sushi, but do you also think that it takes way to long to make. We had the same toughts so we came with the solution ordering sushi online at Bestel-thuis.nl. We got a variety of restaurants that deliver sushi at home. Come and take a look and order your delish sushi at Bestel-thuis.nl.

What to do when you want to order sushi online at Bestel-thuis.nl.

On the left side of the page you fill out your zip code in "Enter your zipp code" and click on "Search restaurants" button. After that you choose for sushi under the "Refine result" box. By doing this you get to see all the sushi restaurants close to your area.

Now choose from one of the many restaurants.

You now have a full list of sushi restaurants near to you. Choose the one where you want to order your sushi at and click on it to see their menu. You can now start setting up your meal.

Time to place your order.

When you want to add sushi to your cart press the pluss sign behind it. Would you like to add anything else? Click on the plus sign behind the product to add it to your cart. When you are done with setting up your meal you can start preparing for the payment. Creat an account an choose a payment method. When you are done you can jsut sit back and relax. Your meal will usualy arive within the hour.

Why you should order sushi at Bestel-thuis.nl

  • You don't need to spend hours in the kitchen preparing your sushi.
  • No dishes to clean afterwards.
  • You get to see the restaurants the deliver sushi at home near to your area.
  • Various payment options.

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